Blurred Lines

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AUGUST 25 - SEPTEMBER 30, 2016

Opening Reception AUGUST 25 | 5-7pm | Free and Open to the Public

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Tasha Lewis, an interdisciplinary artist from Indianapolis, IN, who works predominantly in sculpture, explores the "idea of a sea change taking place on Greek marble statues of Venus that had fallen to the ocean floor," she says.
In her version, the marble is hand-sewn cotton muslin, and the various creatures that might colonize the surfaces are represented with pearls, beads, thread, wire and cord. Her works will include a number of small and large soft sculptures - some wall mounted, others free standing.
The artist says the work is inspired by lines from Ariel's song in Shakespeare's "The Tempest." Full fathom five thy father lies/Of his bones are coral made/Those are pearls that were his eyes/Nothing of him that doth fade/But doth suffer a sea-change/Into something rich and strange."





RITE OF PASSAGE: Monica Uszerowicz & Pia Love-Toribio  


Curated by Sarah Viviana Valdez

Pia Love-Toribio and Monica Uszerowicz have collaborated on an exhibition they say is influenced by the theme of "Stay," a 1984 song by the Glasgow-based group The Blue Nile.
"We're inspired by the simple way in which it describes the constant personal renewal that occurs even in mundane, daily life," they write in their artist statement for the exhibit.
"Over the years, we’ve realized that this is primarily what our friendship is all about: the relearning of old lessons, over and over, until new states of understanding are achieved, and the recognition that life—both human emotion and the patterns of nature—is a series of transformative initiations, even at its most dull or redundant."
Their work includes sculptural installations, incorporating life plants, fountains, mirrors, Plexiglas, as well as video projections and two large photographs.






Curated by Dustin Juengel, Sophia Schultz & Laurén Rusignola

Sarasota-based photographers Jenny Acheson, Karen Arango, Ferenc Beleznay, Shane Donglasan, Audra Locicero, Sophia Schultz, and David Wyant will bring together a selection of their works for this experimental installation.
Dustin Juengel, Art Center Sarasota's exhibitions curator states, "each photographer turns their lens to their surroundings, documenting a subject and their condition and in turn, documenting their own unique point of view and experience." He further explains that the work will be installed in nonhierarchical arrangements, that will flow across the walls, mixing up the works by the different artists, juxtaposing and grouping works of various scales and print qualities, framed as well as unframed. "Similarities and differences between the photographic works will become noticeable," he says. "Maybe the physical experience of the photographs as objects, as an alternative to a purely digital 'Instagram' experience of immaterial images will become a theme of this exhibition."

Sophia Schultz, El Ocaso


Shane Donglasan






Open, all media, all subject juried exhibition



First Place: 
Linda Lee Foster-Paul
Moonlight on Water X



Second Place:

Jane Keeling
Angel Trumpet



Third Place:
Judy Lyons Schneider
Moonlit #1



Art & Frame Merit Awards:


image Al Bibbero Stacked 2

image Norman Grandstaff Jungle Life



Honorable Mentions:


Alanna Kelly, Dotty Terry, Janet Mishner, Jennifer Pierce, Judy Just,
Kathy Simon McDonald, Larry Forgard, Paula May Scott,
Robin M. MacKay, Susan Von Gries