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Exhibitions August 28 - September 30, 2014

Opening reception August 28 5-7pm


Gallery 1

Organic Mechanic: Sculpture of Russ Bellamy


Using industrial materials and techniques, Russ Bellamy’s sculptures make a commentary on rural Florida’s agricultural industry. The forms of his sculptures mimic tools and farm equipment used on rural farms. Many of his sculptures incorporate kinetic components to simulate the movements of these forms.  The shapes and patterns in his two dimensional work reflect the aerial views of crops.  



Artist’s Statement: This exhibition deals with intuitive mechanics and engineering or rural farm life. The understanding of both the agricultural sciences and the ability to replace, repair, and combine machines to perform specific and unpredictable tasks is a knowledge and skill often overlooked by the benefactors of this lifestyle. My goal with this exhibition is to shed light upon the intelligence, creativity and problem solving skills of those people who provide us with our most basic needs.

Gallery 2

Back Roads to Back Homes: Photography of Eric Dusenbery


This exhibition from Cinderic Documentaries features the photo-journalism of Eric Dusenbery. This series of work presents a documentary portrait of small town and rural Florida life. Many who visit Florida think of the urban landscape, theme parks and beaches. This exhibition will shed a light on a Florida life-style with which many are unfamiliar, despite its essential role it plays in the culture and legacy of the state.


Artist’s Statement: I work mostly with the historical process of film, primarily the large format 4 x 5 view camera with black and white materials. I am drawn to the experience of traditional photography with consideration to the exploration of subject themes, such as people and historic architecture. I have always felt a desire to produce works for documentary use. In my travels throughout the state of Florida, I found that ways of life are disappearing. Cultures are vanishing and there is no outlet for expressing the significance of the common and the dignity of individuals comprising many different cultural groups and livelihoods. I photograph these Floridians to enrich and preserve the human spirit, and to promote an appreciation for rich cultural heritages, traditions and histories.

Gallery 3

Black Box Project: Nathan Wilson and Gabriella Powell





























Nathan Wilson 

23 year old sculptor residing in Sarasota, FL

I am a recent New College graduate focusing in scientifically inspired sculpture. My undergraduate thesis concerns the determination of core properties with which we conceive the world. I find I can collect volumes data in the experimental atmosphere a gallery cultivates. I mainly sculpt in the mediums of steel, wood, and cardboard but am consistently exploring other means by which to manifest my ideas. I hope that exposure to proportionality, symmetry groups and notions of inflation/deflation and partitioning in my artwork can provide an audience with the vocabulary to visualize forms of a similarly non-cubic nature. My most recent pieces deal with applications of quasi-periodicity and rotational symmetries as I believe these and concepts of spatial growth are enticing to many human beings inherently. 


Gabriella Powell

 23 year old New College graduate from Wellington, FL

I have been studying within the artistic fields since high school covering theater, dance and the fine arts. My thesis project, Unbuttoning the Everyday: Mundane Materials Transformed, was a sculptural exploration of everyday materials, natural patterns and otherworldly forms. The “unbuttoning” refers to the playful and transformative way of viewing the material. I enjoy looking into the overlooked and creating unexpected connections between recognizable materials and creatures or patterns that lie somewhere in between the defined and undefined. Q-tips, dryer sheets, expansive spray foam and plastic silverware are just a few of the materials I have focused on recently. The goal is to create patterns, creatures and environments that encourage a new relationship between the audience and the utility based tools. In doing this, I am repurposing the mundane: parts of our everyday lives to become fantastical, otherworldly aesthetic creations.

  Statement: With the directive of redefining our given environment, we will showcase the transformative potential between structure and medium. As Americans, we spend most of our time in a commonly cubic environment. We fill this environment with a set of ordered belongings which fulfill given functions. This project redefines the function of everyday resources and the structure of our created habitats.  We present an aesthetic that is quite literally “outside the box”.    

Gallery 4

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