New Exhibitions
November 7, 2013- January 3, 2014

Opening Reception November 7, 5-7pm Free and Open to the Public


Gallery One



Art Center Sarasota presents a sound and light installation from artist Craig Colorusso exploring the way that these elements affect the viewer’s experience of a space. The CUBEMUSIC installation is comprised of six 4-foot metal cubes with patterns cut into them, emanating light and sound into the gallery space.
 Each cube emits a different four-note chord in an ever-shifting volume. All six cubes playing together weave a tapestry of sound, evoking at times an organ, at other times a choir. CUBEMUSIC immerses the listener in a dance of sound and light—and creates a sense of sacred space.

This exhibition is accompanied by a travelling sound installation, Sun Boxes. Sun Boxes are 20 solar powered speakers that play music when in the sunlight. This viewer interactive piece can be altered by blocking the solar panel.






SUNBOXES Info and Schedule

Gallery Two


Pulp Culture: Of and About Paper

An group exhibition curated by Emma Thurgood highlighting the many different ways that paper can be used to create art encompassing sculpture, origami, paper-cutting and alternative processes.

“Pulp Culture” showcases works by Matt Cusick, Tasha Lewis, Wilks Mammone, Elsa Mora, Matthew Shlian and Annie Vought. Three artist’s books on loan from Ringling College’s Verman Kimbrough Library will also be displayed.

“The look, the feel, the smell and, on occasion, the taste all captivate my attention. Paper’s most desirable quality is its versatility. Paper can be so much more than writing or drawing material. Fold paper and it becomes a three-dimensional object with form and weight. Cut paper and you become aware of the teetering balance between its strength and weakness. Paper as a found object gives a new layer of meaning to the writings and drawings placed upon them. ‘Pulp Culture’ explores all of these ideas, celebrating paper in an increasingly paperless world.” -Emma Thurgood



Tasha Lewis "The Herd"

Annie Vought "PS You're So Cool"


Gallery Three


Art Center Sarasota Instructor’s Show

A curated exhibit highlighting the talented Art Center instructors for the 2013-2014 season. Some of the artists to be included are Joseph Melançon, Gail White, Nancy Goff, Sandy Frick, Elena De la Ville, Ralph Garafola, Jill Hoffman-Kowal, Kevin Costello, Judy Just, Judy Nadler, Ann Abgott, Jack Nolan, Fernando Madridejos, Julie Hanson, Colleen White, Steve Stennes and more. Artwork on display will be examples of the artwork and methods that students can expect to learn in the instructor’s class. 

Joseph Melancon "Myakka Light"


Gallery Four



An open, all media juried exhibition of works under 12 x 12 inches covering all subject matters.
Juror: Jamie Tracy M.F.A. Assistant Professor, Program Manager- Studio Art at State College of Florida


Juried Exhibition Winners

1st Place
Nancy Hathaway
“Thought Without Language” 
2nd Place
Rhonda Gushee
“Darwin Coral”
3rd Place
Sandy Frick
“Catch Me If You Can”


1st Merit Award
Diane Remington
“Blurred Memory”

2nd Merit Award

Cheryl Jorgensen

“Tobago Bob” 

Honorable Mentions: Jim Gabbert, Dotty Terry, Judy Lyons Schneider, Mariana Vieira, Randy Smith, Ken Snyder, Robin McKay, Laura Reed, Cecilia Jonsson-Bissett, Dion Kurczek, Frank Creaturo, Nancy von Lazar