Emerging Artists Camp



May 29 - August 10, 2018

Emerging Artists Camp

(Ages 11 & up)

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Emerging Artists - Ages 11 - 15

Art Center Members $210/week
Non-members $260/week

$15 sibling discount

Before Care and After Care available**

Fees include all supplies

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Camp overview, policies, photo release, and Before and After Care

*Some weeks are 4 days due to holidays, cost adjusted

**Daily charge for After Care   


For more information or to register, please call 941-365-2032 or 

Register your choice of week(s) below using paypal

ATTENTION Parents and Guardians: please download and fill out the registration form

and mail or email to linda@artsarasota.org as soon as you register   


To receive the Members discount, please sign up each child for a $25 Student Membership first by going to: www.artsarasota.org/membership

Camp Overview 

Every week campers will experiment with a multitude of art mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture,collage and more designed around a central theme. Themes apply to both camps with unique and independent projects done in each one. Campers will practice art making skills that will expand and challenge the skills they already have in a safe, encouraging and fun environment surrounded by artwork that is in the Art Center’s four galleries. They will learn and hone art skills and color mixing, how to paint with artist paintbrushes and draw with artist quality pencils, markers, pastels and more. Every Friday afternoon campers will present their for family and friends. Both camps will have lunch, before care and after care and Friday presentation together.

Emerging Artists is a program for older campers (ages 11-15) to experiment with more complex art subjects and materials and create projects of their own design under the guidance of our skilled art teachers. 


Camps Weekly Descriptions

Sign-Up over the phone with a credit card or with cash or check or online via paypal

Week 1: May 29 - June 1 "Closer to the Art" (No camp on May 28)

We start off this year’s summer art camp with an immersive week of exploring art and artists by virtual visits to places like The Louvre in Paris where we will see the Mona Lisa and La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Antoni Gaudi’s yet unfinished architectural masterpiece! After our virtual visits we will create artworks inspired by these well-known artists using 3D construction, paint, collage and more.


May 29 - June 1 (No camp on May 28)


EA-Week One (Ages 11-15)- Choose Member/Non-Member Cost

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Week 2: June 4 - 8 "Home By the Sea"

Here we are in a lovely gulf side city, with its gorgeous beaches, abundant wildlife and marine life and a vibrant art community, and this week we will focus our creative energies on all of these attributes! Our projects this week will be centered around our native wildlife and marine life, our area beaches and will include visits from local artists who will share their work and creativity with us. Campers will use a variety of materials and techniques. This week we partner with Carla's Clay for a fired clay project Monday morning.

June 4 - 8
FULL - Call for wait list 941-365-2032

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Week 3: June 11 - 15 "The Paint Mix, Volume 1"

Parents of campers will likely remember the old “Mix Tape”, and just like those cassettes filled with a random collection of favorite songs, this week will be a diverse assortment of all of our old favorite mediums and techniques, with a few previously unreleased methods mixed in.


June 11 - 15



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Week 4: June 18 -22 "We Are the World"

Come on a journey with us this week as we travel the world from the comfort of our classroom and explore how artists all over the world create their unique arts and crafts! We’ll do folk style art from India, Italian artist, Bruno Munari's Alphabet Book, Russian Dymkovskaya Toys from Paper Mache, and South African Rainbow People just to name a few!

June 18 - 22

FULL - Call for Wait List 941-365-2032

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Week 5: June 25 - 29 "Under a Paper Moon"

This week is about paper…with a little bit of outer space themed fun added in to make it an “out of this world” week! Campers will make their own paper;  create art from paper – 2D and 3D; design a “Space Travel Journal” from scratch;  and bring to life a colorful universe from hand painted paper and much more!


June 25 - 29


Full Call for Wait List 941-365-2032

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Week 6: July 2-6 "Here In My Art" (No camp on July 4)

When you look at a piece of art, what you see may be very different from what someone else sees…and that’s what this week will be centered around – how we all interpret art in our own way, just like we all create art with own unique styles. Campers will put their own spin on some famous works of art, while learning how to talk about and view artwork and how to tell a story or send a message through their own creations. We will use paint, collage, sculpture and pastel as some of our mediums.


July 2 - 6 (no camp July 4)


Almost Full - Call to Register           941-365-2032


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Week 7: July 9 - 13 "The Monster Mash"

“They did the Mash…they did the Monster Mash…” and this week we’ll be mashing it up with art projects inspired by all kinds of creatures…real and imagined…aliens, dinosaurs, monsters, and more! We’ll build and paint and draw and collage and it will be a “roaring” good time!
This week we partner with Carla's Clay for a fired clay project Monday morning.

July 9 - 13


EA-Week Seven (Ages 11-15)- Choose Member/Non-Member Cost


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Week 8: July 16 - 20 "The Paint Mix, Volume 2"

For Volume 2 of “The Paint Mix”, we will be thinking outside of the “case” by using some old materials in new ways and we’ll hit the “play button” with some new techniques and mediums. We will discover how ordinary, everyday items can be used in to create works of art. Campers will definitely be stretching their imaginations this week!


July 16 - 20 


Almost Full Call to Register 941-365-2032

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Week 9: July 23 - 27 "The Great Pretender"

Inspired by beloved artists, we will channel their styles and artworks, and experience what it was like to create “in their shoes”. Imagine putting on a Salvador Dali moustache and creating surreal collage masterpiece, or wearing a bandage over an ear and painting like the impressionist, Vincent Van Gogh. We will learn about the artists while creating our own pieces in homage to them.


July 23 - 27


Full Call for Waitlist 941-365-2032  

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Week 10: July 30 - August 3 "Welcome to the Jungle"

Let’s take a virtual visit to the jungle…and the farm…and the zoo…and see what amazing art we can create that incorporates all the animals we might find! We’ll look at and be inspired by artists who have well known works of art that feature animals. Campers will paper mache, paint, draw and collage their animal art! This week we partner with Carla's Clay for a fired clay project Monday morning.


July 30 - August 3


Full Call for Wait List  941-365-2032

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Week 11:  August 6 - 10 "Under the Dreaming Tree"

This week is nature week – so as long as the weather cooperates, campers will be spending some time in the great outdoors to find their inspiration (and in some cases, materials) for the projects this week. What will you dream up with leaves and stones and sticks as your medium?! In addition to 3D sculpture, painting and sketching, we will also explore nature printing.


August 6 - 10


FULL - Call for Wait List 941-365-2032

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Scholarship Applications

Art Center Sarasota awards scholarships to campers in need of finiancial assitance.  Scholarships are awarded based on financial need. Applications must be submitted no later than May 21. Scholarships will be awarded May 23.


These three documents are required completed in full for the Scholarship Committee:  

Summer Camp Scholarship Application

Current tax return

Teacher recomendation letter

Applications are available now. Click here to download.


Please mail or fax (941-366-0585) or email the completed applications to Elizabeth Goodwill by May 21

Only completed applications will be considered by the scholarship committee. 



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 Supply Donations   

The Emerging Artists Summer Camp needs donations of supplies. Your generous donations help make camp more fun every year. 



Please drop off supplies anytime all summer long at Art Center Sarasota, email Elizabeth Goodwill  or call Art Center Sarasota at 365-2032 to make arrangements. 



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