Installation Volunteer

Abhidnya Ghuge 'Slow Turbulence':

Installation Volunteer Call Out

Would you like to gain experience working with an artist's new site-specific installation at Art Center Sarasota?

Volunteers will assist in the exhibition gallery to facilitate the installation process. Responsibilities may include prep work, hanging artwork, clean up, climbing a ladder and lifting up to 15 lbs of weight. Necessary skills: Demonstrate competence to prepare art for exhibition from the artist's instructions. If you are interested please follow this link and fill out this application:



Project type:

Site responsive installation using thousands of woodblock printed paper plates

on wire armature

Exhibition Concept:

1. A Site responsive installation that allows viewers to experience a

transformation of the physical space as well as their own psychological


2. Looking at a disposable medium elevated to a status of preciousness,

embedded with ideas of value, belonging, influence and growth in our

global culture.


About the Artist:

Abhidnya “abhi” Ghuge is a multidisciplinary installation artist who creates a hand carved large-scale woodblock to print on thousands of paper plates to create site-responsive installations encouraging viewer interaction and enhancing viewer experience. The paper plates, no longer disposable, are now transformed and imprinted with life.


Originally from India, a dermatologist by pervious profession, Ghuge draws inspiration from Indian henna designs, the microscopic and macro world  (referencing her previous medical profession) and current cultural landscape of America. Her work celebrates patterns, organic forms and allows for a rich sensory and spatial experience. Matters such as brevity of life, value given to a life irrespective of social and economic stature and a dynamic influence a person (life) can make in the society, are addressed through the site-responsive installations.



Currently Ghuge is an Adjunct Instructor at the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Texas at Tyler, Ghuge has shown her work in solo and group shows at Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas, Women and Their Work Gallery in Austin, Texas, Lawndale Art Center in Houston, TX and many private and public galleries in the country. She has public and private in UK, USA and India.