Paper Arts Week


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Paper Arts Week


Paper Arts Week with Sandy Frick, Elaine Cunningham, Elizabeth Hillmann, Judy Just, Cheryl Martin, Marge Schemanski, Linda Sharp, & Lynn Webster

5 days of papermaking, printmaking, collage, & book arts

Monday-Friday, Mar 10-14, 2014

Paper has been around since the 2nd century A.D. People have created papers from many different plants and have used it for utilitarian purposes and creative endeavors. This week will be dedicated to the exploration of new ideas and revisiting the familiar, but possibly with a new twist with paper. Join us as we explore the world of paper! All processes this week are non-toxic and safe and fun for all ages.  All students are encourage to wear and apron or "art clothes" and comforable shoes for these workshops. 


Workshop Fee

Pulp is the Basis: Papermaking with Sandy Frick

Monday, March 10, 2014image




Spend the day immersed in water as students create different types of papers. Make your own sheets of paper using a blend of abaca and cotton, adding many “extras” to the watery bath of pulp to create unique one of a kind sheets of paper. Students may end up with 15-25 sheets of paper which may be used for the other classes or your own creations.
$20 materials fee
Students need to wear non skid shoes and an apron or work shirt…the process is wet and sloppy. Bring a sack lunch and a stack of newspapers.


Workshop Fee

The Art of Paste Paper with Elizabeth Hillmann

Tuesday, March 11, 2014




Learn the art of paste paper.  Students will learn how to create simple paste papers using a methocelulose paste (this class is glutin free!).  Patterns will be drawn into paste using soft tools.   This class will also cover layer and multiple color and pattern overlays.  Supply fee of $5, includes basic papers, pigments, and medium, tools, cups, and spoons.


Students should bring the following: paper of various weights, soft drawing tools, stamps, freezer paper, painters tape, heavy plastic sheeting, paper towels, apron 
Optional: waterbased pigments & metallic paints


Workshop Fee

Creating Decorative Papers using Gelli Plates with Cheryl Martinimage

Tuesday, March 11, 2014




This workshop will introduce students to the endless possibilities of monoprinting without a press using gelatin or Gelli plates. Make beautiful decorative art papers for use in collage, bookmaking, cards and more regardless of your skill level. Supply fee of $10 for inks and paper add $10 if you need a gelatin plate.  Please email if you want a gelatin plate as they need to be prepared before class. 

Students should bring the following: gelatin plate or Gelli Plate (found at Keeton's or online), brushes and other soft drawing tools, paper towels, apron.

Optional: special papers to print on


Workshop Fee

Tiny Paper Creations with Linda Sharp

Wednesday, March 12, 2014




Students will learn two types of paper creations. 

1. Spoolgrams are a wonderful way to recylcle old wooden sewing spools. Students will learn how to make these neat little creations that can be used as cards, or contain messages of love, or insprirational thoughts.  The possiblilites are endless.

2. Concertinas are folded decorative ornaments that can be used year round and made in various sizes.  This little fun creation can be made from colorful papers to enhance the spirit of any occasion.  They also make great deorative elements for books and jewelry. 

Link to other spool images.


Materials List: 12" ruler, glue stick or glue for paper, scissors, pencil, self healing cutting mat, cutting knife, bone folder (optional)

Workshop Fee

Weaving Patterns with Paper with Eliane Cunningham and Marge Schemanski

Wednesday, March 12, 2014image

1:00pm -4:00pm



Explore weaving with handpainted watercolor paper, art paper, scrapbook paper and more, creating reimagined woven paper collages. 


Materials List: pre-painted watercolor paper (instuctions here), unpainted watercolor paper (at least 140lb), sharp scissors (large & small), cutting board or mat,  rotary cutter or exacto knife, metal ruler, glue stick, any colorful paper, ribbon, etc. to weave with.  

Link to other paper weaving images.


Preparation of Watercolor Paper

use acrylic paint, watercolor, spraypaint, etc.   Paint both sides og the paper with color and designs.  Paint one side a solid color and the other with an abstract design.  Both sides must be dry before coming to workshop. 


Workshop Fee

Playing with Monotypes: Color Monoprints with Judy Just

Thursday, March 13, 2014 image



Come and explore the new non-toxic printmaking inks that can be printed without a press.  It will give you a chance to think “outside” the box and have fun.  No experience necessary.

Materials fee$10 


Students should bring mark making materials, bounty paper towels (they don’t fuzz), sketch book, pencil.

Workshop Fee

Monochromatic Printmaking & Box Book Constuction with Lynn Websterimage

Thursday, March 13, 2014 




Students will use black and white to focus on line and texture this monoprint workshop.  Working with single colors of waterbased ink allows the markmaking of the print to be the focus of the work and not the color.  Students will print be learning to print without a press.  One of these prints will be used to make and accoridan fold book that folds into a box. 


Materials list: pencil, an exacto knife, scissors, a ruler, a bone folder and one sheet of 18 x 22 good quality drawing paper that has a smooth tooth (not watercolor paper)



Workshop Fee

Perfect/Imperfect Journal with Judy Just

Friday, March 14, 2014



Why not make a book out of the papers you created?  It will give you the chance to learn basic bookmaking skills and have a place to keep you “stuff”.  Bookmaking does not require being perfect.  Fun, play, create.

Materials fee $10


Students should bring scissors, mark making materials, anything you want to include in a journal, paper for pages if you want something plain.


Workshop Fee

Art of the Forgotten Book: Folded Books with Elizabeth Hillmann

Friday, March 14, 2014image




Students will learn how to create books using repetitive folded patterns that are beautiful, interesting and meditative and a great way to re-purpose old books into something new and sculptural. 

Students should bring bring a bone folder or spoon to use as a bone folder, a flexable clear ruler, a pencil, sketchbook, and a few hardcover books that you would like to fold.