Jane Slivka


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Workshop with Jane Slivka


  The Freedom of Acrylics with Jane Slivka

3 days

Monday -Wednesday,

April 9-11, 2018

10:00am - 4:00pm


All Skill Levels

Cost for Workshop: $350 Art Center Sarasota Members/$390 Non-Members

Demonstration: No Demonstration



Students need to bring an easel

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Jane Slivka is back again for another amazing workshop.  Her acrylic workshops are gaining much popularity all over the country. Her students absolutely adore her style and charm! Jane’s love of life bubbles up and over through her motivational artistry approach, as she teaches them to just relax and have a good time. Students truly enjoy her outlook and the foundation of her methodology, where she enables the connection between the artist and their art to flow openly without reservation. Jane demonstrates and vividly describes to her students how to utilize color with confidence.

As a student, you can look forward to painting still life, landscapes, figures, and if time permits, you might even explore the exciting form of abstraction. Jane's students leave with more than a few canvases in hand; they leave with a sense of accomplishment, a new appreciation for their own abilities and the motivation to keep on painting



April 9-11, 2018



 About the Artist:

imageJane Slivka transplanted to beautiful Mount Dora, Florida in 2004. Originally from Ohio, she often dreamed of the ocean and wrote poems about the scenes she now creates for all of us to enjoy. Jane takes her viewers on a journey through layers of acrylic paint on over sized canvases to discover a world beyond what a picture could possibly capture. www.janeslivkagallery.com