The Sum of its Parts

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The Sum of Its Parts

May 24 - July 20, 2012

Community Opening Reception: May 24, 5-7pm




The Sum of Its Parts

ACS/Sarasota Audubon Society Collaboration:

May 24 – July 21, 2012

Opening Reception: May 24, 5-7 pm

Gallery 1 Chris Jordan - Running the Numbers: Portraits of Mass Consumption 







Gallery 1: Chris Jordan photography



Hawaiian artist Chris Jordan’s travelling photography show “Running the Numbers: Portraits of Mass Consumption” takes a close look at American culture by combining the aesthetics of a camera lens with the startling information of statistics. Each image in this collection portrays a specific quantity relevant to the item being photographed. For example, “Paper Bags” appears to be a stylized depiction of a forest. However, upon closer inspection of this large photograph the viewer instead sees stack upon stack of paper bags, representing the number used in the U.S. every hour: 1,140,000. It is the photographer’s intention that these images would have a greater impact on Americans than just the numbers alone. Certainly in scale they make an incredible impression, the smallest image being no less than 6 ½ feet wide. Jordan’s motivation behind this body of work is to help viewer’s re-analyze the role and responsibility that they play in our society today.

 Gallery 2: Wojtek Sawa Installation

“Give A Wrinkle, Give A Story” is a photographic installation from Wojtek Sawa celebrating the wrinkles running across our skin. This Polish-American, Sarasota-based artist has brought this exhibition to us in its fourth incarnation, having previously been on display in Warsaw, Poland; Berlin, Germany; and Chicago, IL. Sawa’s interest in his work has been to increase the interaction between the artist and the viewer through meaningful and insightful projects. It is his intent that a person’s wrinkles become badges of honor. In his photographs, people have had their wrinkles accentuated with what could almost be war paint, and with it – a story to behold. With each wrinkle collected in photography, Sawa has also collected an anecdote from that person’s life; giving us a fuller picture of the wrinkles that we see every day

Gallery 3: Taylor Robenalt sculpture

The figurative ceramic work of Sarasota artist Taylor Robenalt’s “There Are Two Sides to Everything” is the embodiment of her experience, both in actual life and in her subconscious dreamscape. Her otherworldly, somewhat mythical figures have the power to entrance the viewer while telling us a story of how they came to be. The figures call out to the viewer, asking them to recognize themselves in the smooth, organic surface of the clay. In crafting the works, Robenalt interacts with these figures on a very visceral and personal level, and it is her hope that her viewers do as well.

Gallery 4: The Sum Of Its Parts

An open, all media, juried exhibition “The Sum Of Its Parts” is a collaboration between Art Center Sarasota and the Sarasota Audubon Society exploring the many things that make up the world around us. Two co-jurors will select five prize winners as well as some honorable mentions.

All FOUR Exhibitions open May 24 and run through July 21, 2012.