Unlimited Potential


GALLERY 1: The Third Entity: Works by Amy Ernst and Amy Ragus

This exhibit investigates the shared methods and subjects of Amy Ernst and Amy Ragus, two artists who work primarily in collage.


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                     Amy Ernst                                         Amy Ragus 

"The Third Entity", investigates the shared methods and subjects of Amy Ernst and Amy Ragus, two artists who work primarily in collage. Their works on paper include Ragus’ digital photo collages and Ernst’s monoprints and paper collage, as well as collaborative pieces created specifically for this exhibit. “Both artists use methods that place separate pieces of imagery, texture, or pattern in a simultaneous image. This layering creates unexpected tensions that transport the imagery into the realm of the surreal. They’re open to the fluidity of random combinations. The artists have been good friends since the 1970s. Amy Ernst, a Sarasota resident, is the fourth generation of artists in her family; her great-grandfather Philip was a portrait painter; her grandfather Max was a surrealist master; and her father, Jimmy Ernst, was a leading abstract painter. Ernst makes a unique contribution to this profound family legacy with collages and monoprints. The artist notes that she works from within: “The imagery flows through meditative inspiration. Almost like automatic writing, it becomes and then begins to breathe life once the image is created.  When I’m asked how long it takes for me to complete a work, I answer ‘a lifetime and a moment.’ Amy Ragus photocollages have been exhibited in one-person and group exhibits in the U.S. and abroad. Trained as a painter at Wellesley College (BA) and Columbia University (MFA), she turned to photography in the 1980s. She describes herself as, “a painter who uses photo fragments as brushstrokes on a larger field.” Ragus is a three-time MacDowell Fellow and has been an artist-in-residence at the Hermitage Artist Retreat in Englewood and other venues around the country. Most of the collages in this exhibit were shot in and around locations in Sarasota County. 

 For Amy Ernst Creating Art is a Family Affair - Sarasota Herald Tribune



GALLERY 2: MASHterpieces

In this collaboration with Goodwill Manasota 11 area businesses transform donated art into new masterpieces.




MASHterpieces” is the fourth installment of a popular collaboration between Art Center Sarasota and Goodwill Manasota. In this incarnation, 11 area businesses will compete with each other in the creation of re-purposed art. After contributing $500 to Goodwill, the participating companies will be given a voucher for up to five items at a Goodwill Bargain Barn. Teams can also use as many recycled items from their own offices as they like. Artist advisors will also offer their suggestions and expertise. The auction and reception takes place on Thursday, June 8, 6-8 p.m., at the Art Center. Community members can bid on the resulting works of art.


imageCheryl Weber (Jujmo)

GALLERY 3: Nocturnal Melodies

A multimedia group exhibition featuring the fairy tale narratives of four artists.


Nocturnal Melodies” is a multimedia group exhibition featuring the fairy tale narratives of four artists: Nathan Freda, Sooky Kim, Yanuary Narravo and Cheryl Weber (Jujmo). There’s a common theme running through all of their works where each artist creates characters in a story that departs from mundane reality. The narratives can be about a trauma, a memory, an accident, or pure imagination. Each tale is styled with a naive approach, similar to a child’s imagination, where objects can seem bigger, more saturated in color, and fuller in texture than they really are. These artists use these secondary realities to process personal experience. Collectively, their works create a journey with no end and no beginning—a mysterious and ambiguous installation that pulls the viewer inside a dream.



GALLERY 4: Unlimited Potential

An Members Only, all-media, all-subject juried exhibit.


Juried by Joseph Melancon, a nationally acclaimed artist and instructor

 Congratulations to these awarding artists!




1st: John Katerberg, Quandary of the Faithless




2nd: Marjorie Hallett, Which Way is Up




3rd: Gregg Stecker, Girl Talk




Merit: Lynn Mann-Hallmark, Freedom




Merit: Cheryl Kinderknecht, Earth Stories


Honorable Mentions:
William Bailey, Steve Blumenthal, Stuart Cantor, Melanie Carlstein, Sharon Eng, Nancy Goff, Helen Maguire, Elisabeth Phillipson, Brenda Robinson, Joseph Spilewsk, Alice Sundstrom Dotty Terry,

Jane Wexler