ABOUT Jenny Berry:

Instagram: @jennyberryart

I paint directly from life whenever possible because it's easier to study the effect of the light on a subject, even so I still find myself using photos very often when I’m doing portraits. There are a lot of advantages to them also. But I try to get out into the landscape as much as I can with friends to plein air paint, it’s fun and it’s such great practice.

Birds and animals have been a favorite subject since I was a child. I like painting birds because feathers are always a challenge and I love the quirky poses birds get themselves into. Being largely commissioned work, pet portraiture comes with its own set of challenges as well.

It’s a battle in the paint every day as I try to capture the pose of a bird or the expression of an animal and sometimes it works just right and all of the elements cooperate. And that success will always keep me coming back for more practice. It doesn't hurt that I get to look at all these cute little faces for hours on end while I paint them. They never fail to make me smile.

I paint every day and exhibit in galleries in Florida, Santa Fe and Scottsdale. I’ve studied classical and modern oil painting directly, with modern masters like Scott Waddell, Leo Neufeld, Colley Whisson, and others. I’ve been teaching oil painting techniques since 2015.