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jennifer bowman: ACRYLIC PAINTING

FEBRUARY- Get Excited about Acrylic Painting, Jennifer Bowman
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Session: February 10-12, 2020
Monday - Wednesday 10:00am-4:00pm

$375 M | $415 NM

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Jennifer’s workshops are about learning the process and techniques to paint anything! Don't worry about skill level, beginners are always welcome. It is her desire to create a positive and joyful atmosphere that nourishes the development of each artist's special talents and perceptions.  Each day starts with a demonstration, where techniques are used in multiple ways to help the student grasp concepts. 

 Students will be working on pre-textured surfaces, experimenting with working in color-layering glazes, ‘wet into wet’ and dry brush strokes, and palette knife. Using a strong light source, they will learn to create three-dimensional qualities on two-dimensional paper.  Students will work on composition and its importance in balancing their image. Using concepts about rhythm, shapes and color, students will be able to lead someone’s eyes through their painting.   They will learn, laugh and will go home with an “I can DO this” confidence and knowledge.

Workshop will focus on flowers, trees, landscapes (and water).

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Painter, Teacher, Sailor

After spending nearly two years aboard a sailboat and cruising the West Coast, I really came to appreciate the quality of light and how different latitudes could affect the way I would see a subject. My favorite experience evolves around capturing warm reflected light on bougainvillea-draped buildings in Mexico. That same investigation of how light plays off of an item is what galvanizes me into painting a subject. It doesn’t matter if it is a ferryboat or a bouquet of flowers.

When teaching, I try to get my students to ‘SEE’ the different ways that the color gray is present in our images. Everything shy of a pure color pigment is a mixture of primary colors that give us a whole world of beautiful grays. My grays have a whole lot of purple to them. The interaction of warm light and cool shadows is what excites me about painting.

I am third generation artist and am a winner of the coveted Skagit Valley Tulip, Edmonds Arts and the Anacortes Arts Festival posters. I have designed Washington State’s new Heritage Birth Certificate and have worked with Eddie Bauer on a Catalog cover. My work can be found in both private and corporate collections locally and internationally, including France, Turkey, Japan and Netherlands.

I teach 12 workshops a year, some near my hometown of Anacortes, Washington, gateway to the San Juan Islands and some in Alaska and Mexico. I divide my time between that, painting for the local art festival circuit, keeping up with my sixteen-year-old son and occasionally gardening for sport.