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Old Glory
Simple Things

I think of my artwork as little escapes from the hardships that come along with the reality of living. I create my work as a Disabled Veteran with multiple chronic and progressive illnesses. My works are my own escapes into an alternate reality that exists through math formulas and the beauty of fractals. While not all of my works are fractals, I find much of my base in these beautiful and often spiritual and infinitely iterative designs. My works come to life as spurts of inspiration that demand follow-through. Sometimes inspirations come as a quick series of works - like my flowers or cool cats - and sometimes they walk the path of more modern, abstract work. Each piece is a natural extension of inspiration that comes from outside of me.
I am known as "The Red Dot Artist" as I hide a small red dot in each piece.

I am a disabled Army Veteran who discovered art abilities after a relapse from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2017. This relapse affected eyes and cognition and rewired something in my brain that invoked artistic ability. The rewiring happened quickly and dramatically, like a lightening strike. Something changed, I noticed a loss in short-term memory and an increase in a capability to understand colors and space - translating into art. I translate my experience and perceptions into the eclectic and sometimes modern or kitschy style that you see throughout my art. My style is “consistently inconsistent” - it’s modern, kitschy, & mind-bendingly beautiful at times. The process of creation feels perfectly intuitive. I am a former engineer and also a former school psychologist - my brain thinks very literally and quantitatively. This can often be seen in my art. I live my life in thoughts through a series of algorithms and left-brained thinking - numbers are my gig. I live with my wife in Sarasota, FL.

I engage in complex fractal art as well as modern abstracts. My medium is completely digital and I leverage up to 8 (out of 20+) software applications to complete each piece. At this point I print my pieces on metal panels or HD acrylic sheets. These mediums best display my work. I'm able to scale work from tiny 8"x8" up to as large as 40"x60" on metal. Since my work is digital, it has been printed on all kinds of mediums and all sizes. The flexibility that my digital work brings really fits who I am as an artist.