Purple Sage

My work can be vastly different in their materials and their look but the commonality between them all is the process of creating them. All forms are a type of meditation for me. As I build or fold each one I can see the form take shape and adapt the pattern or form as needed to achieve the results that I am looking for. Many times I will put aside a form for a while and let it sit while I turn to other projects, while my unconscious mind ponders what I should do next. The end result is an object of beauty and the journey getting there is my art.

I received my MFA in Printmaking and Book Arts from New Mexico State University in 2007 and my BFA from Ohio State University in Printmaking in 2004. I was raised in a creative household where my mother made sure that my sister and I were exposed to as may different types of arts and crafts as she could find. I am forever grateful for that experience and feel that it makes me a more well rounded artist. My constant need to learn more and explore without limits is thanks to her. 

I consider myself a craftsperson, an artist and a teacher, in no specific order. I am a trained bookmaker, papermaker, printmaker and a mixed media and fiber sculptor. My work is playful and thoughtful, bright and soft, natural and bound. I love to dabble in any medium I can. My work has been exhibited around the country and internationally since 1999 and pieces are part of private collections around the world. I am currently the Education Director at Art Center Sarasota where I design and create the adult and youth art education programing. I also have been teaching art to students of various ages since before college.

During my childhood my family traveled, moved, and explored the United States and Canada. Mine and my sisters playgrounds were the open woods, libraries, and national parks. My work is built upon memories, especially those from my childhood. These memories give my creations a feeling of playfulness and whimsy. Prevalent throughout all the evolutions my artwork has gone though, are type, iconography and books. These are most sacred to me. It is through these matrixes that I feel the safest to express myself and make a point to emphasizing just how important those objects and forms are to me.