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ABOUT Peter Gaztambide:

Artist Statement:
My art work is my statement.  It reflects the development of a pictorial language in progress.  It is born from of a need to make order out of abstract elements, wether physical or spiritual, to compose a unique picture by using mixed media in an honest effort to emulate all the great artists that have come before me. My goal has been to find a way to challenge the viewer the same way I challenge myself while working on a particular image. I want you to engage into the picture as you would when you read a poem.  When you do this it becomes your picture the same way a cloud becomes something else in your eyes. I paint not that which you might actually see, but that which you might perceive when looking at something as mundane as a                                                                                                                                                                                              raincloud.        

Punta Gorda based artist, Miami Native who grew up in Puerto Rico. His work includes colorful, Neo-Caribbean motifs blending painting and collage.

Peter's journey started after completing an art course titled “Art for Non-Art students”, imparted by professor Franz Heldner, at Loyola University of the South. This learning experience ignited his decision to dedicate himself to a career in art. His initiative and serious interest invested  in art, provided him with valuable learning opportunities. 

During the 1960’s he studied and worked with important well stablished artists. He studied poster design and silk screen printing with Eliasim Cruz, drawing, engraving and painting with Admando Rubbo, mono type concept with Wilfredo Labiosa. With John Balossi he studied ink drawing and metal sculpture technics. From Lope Max and Antonio Nava he received the principles to create experimental art. From this array of expert artists specialized fields, he obtained invaluable teachings. A valuable lesson was, to impart his art work with a unquestionable purpose. To have a vision and in accordance, develop the concept and execution.

During the 1980’s he mastered the necessary skills to become a professional silk screen printer. During those years he befriended and printed Serigraph Editions for a list of well known artists: Francisco Rodón, Carmelo Sobrino, Carlos Ortíz-Sueños, Andy Bueso, Rubén Ríos and Ralph De Romero.

In addition to his exhibitions in Puerto Rico, Peter's art work has been showed abroad in: at Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Korea< Japan, Spain and Colombia. Also across the USA in: Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Delaware, New York and of course, in his home state of Florida.