ABOUT jane harris:

I have a passion for printmaking and oil painting.  Two mediums that are totally different in most aspects.  I enjoy printmaking for the meticulous planning and physicality it involves. On the contrary painting is a very freeing medium to work in, so forgiving!

I am Florida transplant from Indiana.  Living in Southwest Florida has given me the inspiration to return to my roots in fine arts.  The natural colors in the water and the sky have provided me with what seems like a bottomless pit of inspiration to draw from.  Living a creative life in all things I do!

When I’m not spending my time in the studio I am raising my 3 young boys, life is never dull in our world!  Being a mother and artist offers me a chance to give my children the gift of living a creative life.  We are always crating and planning, making and building, completing and trashing something!  I like to stress the artistic process with my boys even if it doesn’t always work out. Making messes if fun.