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Hosted by the Van Wezel, this event featured outfits loosely inspired by our theme, Wildest Dreams.


What is the Beaux Arts Ball/ iconcept runway show? Click here!


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Beaux Arts Ball/ iconcept Runway Show 2018

Explore your Wildest Dreams by interpreting the theme in what you wear (optional). Interact with characters and experiences as you support and celebrate the importance of Art Center Sarasota in our community.Honorary chairs are Anna von Gehr, a prominent local arts leader and her husband Robert Tarbell, a nationally acclaimed artist.  Come see the unconventional fashion show and, if you are feeling creative, interpret the theme any way you choose and wear your own avant garde outfit to win a prize in the audience contest. Dine and drink while exploring the unique array of interactive entertainment and performances. It will be a memorable evening and a great opportunity to show your support for the arts. Featuring the  Fantasy Girls Drag Show  and DJ Fluid

ARTISTS IN THE 2018 Iconcept Runway Show

  Barbara Anderson, Samantha Kelly, Lisa Berger, Allison Lehti, Eric Cross, Marty Montague, Danielle Dygert, Ray Peper, JenKing Elliott, Heidi Powell, Annemarie Furlong, Stephanie Peters, Barbara Gerdeman, James Stewart, Elizabeth Goodwill, Andrea Silvergleit, Maezie Kegerreis, Anita Wexler, Traci Kegerreis 

Guest Costume Contest Categories  

Wildest Dream: Best expression of your wildest dream

Partners in Crime: Best team or duo

I Dream in Color: Best use of color or artistic expression

No-Costume: Just wearing regular clothes

Cease and Desist: Best copied/parodied character costume

Don’t Post - I Like My Job: Best naughty costume

Golden Glue Gun: Best constructed, crafty costume

Make It Work: Most fashionable


What is the BEAUX ARTS BALL?

An annual event originally conceived by the Ringling School of Art (now Ringling College of Art and Design). Held during the 1940’s - 1970’s in Sarasota, the event defined a period when the visual arts and artists were at the center of the city’s social life. The costumed themes drew audiences up to 1,000 people who came in themed costumes.

In 1947, the Art Association (now known as Art Center Sarasota) began hosting the Beaux Arts Ball. This event became the most colorful event of the winter season with participants putting great planning into and wearing extremely elaborate costumes. Prizes were given for the most original costumes.


Iconcept was conceived in 2008 to showcase artists in the community as well as raising funds to support Art Center Sarasota. Artists and designers are challenged each year to use their imagination and problem solving skills to create “fabric” from unconventional materials not commonly associated with clothing design. The results are constructed into avant garde ensembles for a unique and highly anticipated runway “fashion” show.

The success of the iconcept fashion show was a perfect fit to incorporate into this revival of the Beaux Arts Ball. This will be one of the “most talked about” events of the year providing an inclusive, affordable opportunity to have fun and support Art Center Sarasota.