joanne stramara

Glorious Iris
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“Don’t forget to Play”

Watercolor is my favorite medium, but my love of experimentation has been rewarding.
I love to touch the brush to the paper and let the magic of watercolor happen. I love to leave the white paper show through the transparency of the medium and the glow you can only achieve with this medium. 

My students say that it will be written on my tombstone, “play with your stuff”. As a matter of fact, they made me an apron with those words written upon it. I have people say to me, “I don’t know what to paint”. Well, there is so much I want to paint, there isn’t enough time to do it all.

As an Artist, I like to challenge myself, whether it’s using new mediums or painting with my non-dominant hand. My latest challenge was painting 50 paintings in 50 days. I’m always looking for innovative, new challenges and ideas. I don’t paint for honors, awards or praise. I paint because of the absolute joy, fulfillment and healing it brings me. I feel to blessed to have this “precious bit” in my life.

Born in the countryside of rural Pennsylvania, Joanne always loved the beauty, simplicity, and colors of nature. Her childhood memories are filled with visions of her Grandmother’s colorful quilts and beautiful flowers. Grandmother Jennie is gone, but her inspiration is still alive in Joanne’s artwork.

Joanne Moved to Florida 13 years ago and loves the beaches, skies, Gulf of Mexico and wildlife that is prevalent in this area. She is happiest studying, sketching and painting. She is a signature member of Suncoast Watercolor Society and a co owner, along with 20 other artists, of Sea Grape Gallery in Punta Gorda.In 2018 Joanne had surgery for a torn rotator cuff in her right shoulder. This led to waking up the left hand and doing artwork with her non-dominant hand. After many months of therapy Joanne’s shoulder has healed and she has decided to pursue another challenge, 50 paintings in 50 days. Her artwork has won many awards in Southwest Florida and is in collectors homes everywhere. Joanne spends her time creating and teaching in Charlotte and Sarasota Counties.