Kate Burridge, a career manager for Visual Arts professionals, has over 25 years experience in international marketing, promotion, and professional presentations. Besides managing her husband Bob Burridge’s art career, Kate is also an author, lecturer and consultant to a long list of art associations and agencies in the United States. Kate developed “Art Marketing: The Business of Selling Your Art,” an eight-week course that she and Robert Burridge teach at Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria, California. She also authored “News Releases: Getting the Media to Work for You,” published by Art Calendar Magazine. Kate and Bob have written for Art Calendar magazine, Fine Arts Magazine and the ISAP (International Society of Acrylic Painters) Newsletter. She currently is a writer and editor of the BobBlast, Robert Burridge’s free, weekly online videos.. She runs her own business as an Artists’ Advisor and is on the Board of the ISAP.