ABOUT allison lehti


Artist Statement:
My ideas about painting and creating art have changed over the years. In school I became interested in the style and philosophies of the Modernist Art Movement of Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso and their contemporaries. There were many and they all had their own unique slant on the movement away from “old school” ideas. Most painted, I think, with a lot of emotional energy and enjoyed experimenting in unconventional ways.

So picking and choosing little things from the many, I developed (and continue to develop) my process that leads to my style. I usually start with a strong fluid or rhythmic black design, choose a color palette, play some snappy music and “go to work".

As I work with the medium I am using, an idea or abstract images usually presents itself to me. Then I encourage it until I’m satisfied. Satisfaction, however, is a daily mood. Some of my paintings have been edited many, many times before I put my brush down.

My color palette and most of my subject matter has been influenced by the years spent running my own business (catamaran day charters) on the Island Federation of St. Kits and Nevis from mid 1983-1995. I was the creative director for our marketing and advertising and learned different techniques and computer applications which I have incorporated into my present creative processes.

I grew up in the mountains west of Denver and attended Colorado State University and the University of Colorado as an Art Major. I continued studying at Sarasota County Technical Institute in their Commercial Art Department studying Photoshop, Pagemaker, and Illustrator.

Over the past thirty years my designs have been used in a variety of applications including hand painted acrylic on canvas for juried exhibitions, computer graphics for clothing and advertising and illustration for books in print and on the web.

I presently live in Sarasota and teach and exhibit at local venues.