Lisa Berger Executive Director

Photo: Fred Lopez

Photo: Fred Lopez

Over the past ten years I have gotten to know this organization very well and have seen the power that art has in our lives. Art Center Sarasota is an essential part of the cultural offerings that make Sarasota special. The staff and board of directors are passionate about the center’s mission to ensure that Sarasota has access to an inclusive environment in which to view, create and exhibit contemporary art.

Accessibility to ever-changing art exhibitions is a vital part of the art center’s purpose. A broad range of affordable art education opportunities for adults and children compliments the passive pleasures of viewing art in the galleries.

Art Center Sarasota plays an important and recognized role in bringing over 60,000 students and visitors to the Bayfront cultural district each year. Our plans for the future are for growth, providing more opportunities for the public in the enjoyment of art and culture.

Originally from Boston, MA, Lisa received her degree from FIT in NYC and worked in the fashion industry as an apparel designer for 14 years.  After moving to Sarasota in 1994, she rediscovered her love of the visual arts and served on Art Center Sarasota’s Board of Directors in 2008. Lisa then joined the staff as Development Director, and has been the Executive Director since 2012.