Lynn Armstrong Coffin
My recent works are an exploration into the world of black and white using new synthetic materials and good ole India Ink. I strive to create a style uniquely my own in both the choice of medium and the contemporary industrial metal framing done by hand. By pushing the limits of the medium and embracing the unexpected results, deceivingly simplistic yet bold and complex images emerge that have depth and texture.

Olivia Maria Braida-Chiusano.jpg

Olivia Marie Braida
Ms. Olivia Marie Braida’s works are in private and public collections, namely the “Magnolia grandiflora, Little Gem #2”, purchased by the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation for their permanent collection in 2004; “The Paintings of Casa Guaiacum” a twelve piece collection commissioned by Mr. Theodore Kheel of the Punta Cana Foundation in the Dominican Republic; and the “Nelumbo ‘Baby Doll’” Dwarf White Lotus was commissioned by Doña Sarah Bermudez and Señor Hugo Tolentino Dipp. She is a full member of the Copley Society of Artists in Boston, MA.
“My watercolor techniques are inspired by Gerard van Spaëndonck and the French court tradition. They include layering of glazes and washes of transparent watercolors. I believe that botanical art represents the ascent... of knowledge and thirst for knowledge. Its evolution parallels the human spirit and its quest for self-knowledge... As I strive for realism to achieve actualization each one of my works takes on both appearance and message... The finished work reverberates with a multitude of strokes – each a memory of my beloved. I hope you will enjoy these conversations with God.”

D Calvert 22.jpg

Dorothea Calvert 
My functional work serves as a three dimensional palette. My sculptural work demonstrates the juxtaposition between organic and inorganic form, pattern and texture.  I hope to entice the viewer into interpreting the object through their own personal filter, to suggest rather than state to which group these forms belong.  The dynamic nature of a familiar yet undefined form continues to provide timeless pleasure and fascination.

Cat - Christensen -artcenteroffspring_0.jpg

Cat Christensen
I am a glass artist and oil painter.  My style has evolved towards more impressionism after 40+ years of art.   My challenge as a painter is the infusion of light to engage a dynamic outcome with viewers.  Glass fascinates me because when light plays upon it, the outcome is altered.  My challenge as a painter is the infusion of light to engage a dynamic outcome with viewers. Both mediums force me to be more spontaneous in creating happy accidents of artwork.

Diana De Avila
I am a retired engineer who began her art journey in 2017 after a relapse from Multiple Sclerosis. 
The relapse affected eyes and cognition and rewired something in my brain that invoked artistic ability. The rewiring happened quickly and dramatically, like a lightening strike. This phenomenon is known as acquired savant syndrome. I translate my experience and perceptions into the eclectic and sometimes modern or kitschy style that you see throughout my art. The process of creation feels perfectly intuitive and is all done digitally and encompasses anywhere from 2 to 24 pieces of software to create. Most pieces take shape on their own and feel instinctual - the effort seems oddly natural and happens fluidly. No force is necessary. Most of the time I have no idea where the inspiration or ability comes from but I know for certain it lives outside of me. I spend most of my days creating art, thinking about what art to create next and experimenting with new processes and techniques. I hide / place a red dot in most of my art and am known as "The Red Dot Artist".

Diana’s artwork is for sale on artiste, our online gallery. Click to view.


Les Downing
I am a retired social psychology professor, having spent most of my career in upstate New York at the SUNY College at Oneonta.  Early in my life I planned to be an architect, then switched to social sciences after two years in the University of Illinois school of architecture. I have always given time to the creative arts, doing stained glass, collages, and paintings, but now that I have the time, I have become for the first time a painter of large scale acrylic paintings, most of which could be described as fantasy landscapes. I love the brilliance of colors and contrasts made possible with acrylics and I find creating abstracts to be liberating. It is a great pleasure doing these and I am doubly rewarded by my art being widely appreciated by others.

Danielle Dygert.jpg

Danielle Dygert
Mythologies operate in an individual’s mind and societies alike; they depict self-image, cross-cultural views and create potent tensions of changing societies and history. Danielle's paintings begin a discussion between mythology and portraiture as a means to challenge identity and persona construction. Danielle, one of seven sisters, found a profound connection to the Matrifocal Goddess myths of ancient Greece. Her surreal earthly mythscapes are comprised of multiple images from her travels and the inhabiting figures narrate her wavering relationship with her sisters. 

Danielle received her B.A. from New College of Florida with a concentration in Painting and Classics. Currently she works as Exhibitions and Marketing Coordinator at Art Center Sarasota, as Artist Liaison for Ringling Underground at the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art,  and as a free-lance mural artist in throughout Florida. Danielle has exhibited and performed regionally, placing in various juried exhibitions in here career.

A Capella Roberts Georgiou.jpg

Roberta Georgiou
Roberta has always had her hands in creative endeavors:
She taught English (including creative writing) for 37 years, has written two novels, run her own custom clothing business, and produced works in pen and ink, acrylics and colored pencil. In the spring of 2015, having retired from teaching, she decided to pursue watercolor because of her lifelong attraction for the captivating paintings of such artists as Winslow Homer and John Singer Sargent.

Jane Harris
Jane is a printmaker and painter with a formal education from Herron School of Art in Fine Arts & Art History. Her primary passion in creating is to work with shape and color. As a printmaker she works in linocut block prints or monotype prints. She has a passion for manipulating the techniques and specific art media to suit the images. Her intent is to create in a new fresh manner each and every time. When painting you can find her deep into color and texture. Exploring the relation between color fields. Her work has been shown nationally and in private collections across the United States.

Travelers Signature _ Maribai Holland.jpg

Mirabai Holland

Mirabai Holland started making expressionistic charcoal and ink pen drawings as a young child. Even then her work was balanced and insightful enough that one would never suspect it came from a person her age. As she grew up Mirabai discovered dance, poetry and photography. Her work became more kinetic. She choreographed expressionistic dance pieces that she combined with poetry, music and imagery. She received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Dance from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and created several multi-media performance pieces in Boston and New York. She never stopped painting, drawing and shooting photographs which she often combined and then wrote poems about. But when computers started to offer real tools to the artist, Mirabai embraced this new medium as her own. She says “sometimes I shoot a digital photograph and just leave it at that. Or, I’ll start to paint on it using one of my digital paint programs. Other times I just create digital paintings from scratch. I’m never bored”
Lately she’s been concentrating on digital work often teaming up her images with a short poem about what her painting means to her. She doesn’t see a need to separate media. “It’s all part of the same experience” she says.

Susan Hurwitch
My use of color and texture has become an integral part of my signature style. By becoming immersed in the stunning, tropical surroundings of Sarasota, my mixed media and collage pieces are informed by the color and richness of the local flavor. I build my art from conception to execution by experimenting with color and auditioning the layout of my unique hand painted and printed papers before merging all the elements into a cohesive composition. Having been born and raised in Miami, and after almost 40 years in the Washington DC area, my husband and I were drawn to the art-rich community of Sarasota as a retirement location. I found a creative home through classes, creating art in my home studio, participating in juried exhibits and creative opportunities through volunteer activities.

Susan’s artwork is for sale on artiste, our online gallery. Click to view.


Julie Kanapaux

Julie (Miller) Kanapaux is a contemporary abstract artist influenced by nature on both micro and macrocosmic scales. Her work is about perception and the universal connection of space. Julie’s passion for art was evident from an early age, helping her become an Honors graduate at Ringling College of Art and Design where she earned a Bachelors in Fine Art Painting and a Minor in Photography in 2000. She was also a Trustee Scholar and recipient of the school’s Presidential Sculpture Award. In addition to her painting career, Julie is owner of Kan Kan Studios, LLC in Venice, FL. Her monumental three-level mural, Momentum, was recently unveiled in 2017 at the Alfred R. Goldstein Ringling College Library.

Eleen Kutno.jpeg

Ellen Kantro
I paint because I love the process and the never-ending variety of elements and textures that I can layer into a single piece. I’m influenced by dilapidated buildings, and the way time and nature’s elements alter our surroundings. Rust, peeling paint, and cracked surfaces have a distressed beauty about them that I try to evoke in my work.

Katerberg small.jpg

John Katerberg
John Katerberg is an oil painter who  describes his technique as "Painterly Realism." Early influences of John's art include Nathan Green and Thomas Blackshear who painted dramatic and illustrative themes in the 1990s. During his formal art training, John's work was influenced by master artists John Singer Sargent and George Innes. John is a graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design where he earned his BFA in painting. John's Christian faith is unapologetically mixed throughout all of his work, from paintings with obvious Biblical themes, to landscapes he sees as artist's studies of the master creator, God. John strives to capture elements of realism, but allows brush strokes to remain visible in order to demonstrate the characteristics of oil paint in a digital era. This "Painterly Realism" is used with dramatic compositions to give the viewer a visual adventure. 

Dirce Kennedy.jpg

Dirce Kennedy
Because we are visibly different and our faces reveal our soul, I paint portraits. Viewing a portrait painting can be an opportunity for us to slow down, open our social and emotional walls, know a subject's essence, and participate in a genuine connection.
I grew up in the south of Brazil, the land of the Gaucho. Years of travel in Asia, Europe, South America, and the US. Social science became my primary focus. In time Los Angeles was home and painting my priority. A move to Sarasota, FL, in 2011, was a eureka moment - my deep interests in social science, nature and painting could manifest harmoniously through portraiture. 
Since 2012 my portrait paintings have been exhibited in over 85 juried shows and have received numerous awards. Also since 2015, I have had four solo exhibitions while concurrently completing several portrait commissions. Currently my portrait paintings are in private collections in the U.S., Brazil, Canada and Denmark.

Meg Krakowiak.jpg

Meg Krakowiak
I've always had a deep passion for appreciating and creating art. It makes me feel good. It's that simple. I'm amazed how you can truly love a painting and never tire of looking at it.  
Predominately self taught, I started painting to have original art in my home, then moved onto commissions.  
Embracing my empty nest status, I opened my own studio where I am privileged to teach and paint every day!  
I'm influenced and intrigued by color...the combinations, layering, beauty and excitement. I work to capture the images and feeling onto the canvas. While I use a variety of techniques, I always start a painting with a concept, a color scheme, a composition style and a focal point. As tones, lines and shapes are added and altered the image begins to emerge. Creating is dynamic with paintings oftentaking on a life of their own. Now I paint to sell my work.  Knowing my paintings bring beauty to a home and joy to the beholder is a gift I treasure.  Visit her website:

Allison Lehti- on the mooring.png

Allison Lehti
I am drawn to the philosophies, processes and the look of the abstract expressionist movement. My style, medium and subject matter are continually being shaped by my interpretation of my life’s experiences and the people who inspire it.
I have exhibited in many states and the Caribbean. Currently, I am lucky to instruct some youth classes at the Art Center. Kids generate laughter and fresh inspiration. Stay young at heart……create some ART.

MARO LORIMER Old Florida 1 89MB for ACS.jpg

Maro Lorimer 
I express my awe of Nature by leaving some things undefined in my paintings, to acknowledge how much we still do not know about the environment in which we live. If there are buildings, I paint them as mostly hidden in abundant overgrowth. There always is a feeling of connection to a vast and mysterious natural world, whether I’m painting lush vegetation or the open sea. My paintings come from my imagination, stimulated by memories from my nightly beach walks, from years of sailing and windsurfing in dramatic locations, and from hiking across snow fields and mountains. It is a pleasure to remember these wild places as I do this work.

Mary Maguire Three Horse Run.jpg

Mary Maguire
Acrylic artist Mary Maguire originally from Shelby Township Michigan, recently relocated to Sarasota Florida. Maguire is excited about being part of this dynamic art community here in Sarasota FL. Maguire’s paintings have been sold throughout the United States and Europe.  Maguire is inspired by this beautiful planet, “the miraculous design around us is proof of a creator”. Maguire’s artwork shows a variety of style and technique. With a positive edge and colorful outlook; her work shows texture, movement and expression. 
Maguire’s Father was an art teacher; the whole family has an artistic flare. The youngest of seven, Maguire has been an artist her whole life. As a child, crayons, pencil and paper... to a professional graphic artist, textile designer and painter. 

Victoria Mayol .jpg

Victoria Gómez Mayol
Victoria was born in August of 1987 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She spontaneously discovered her talents in painting as a young girl and has never stopped. She majored in visual arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the National University of Arts (UNA). At the age of 26 she married and settled in the United States with her husband, Santiago Elizalde. 
Ultimately, her work is the embodiment of a search for belonging and of who she is. Her painting is constantly looking for answers within the image. Mixed techniques such as inks, watercolors, acrylics of fluid consistency, pastels, collage and oils aloud the artist to express freely. The feminine figure is portrayed as an essential character in Victoria’s work; It expresses calm, intimacy and represents the link between nature and the human being.

Susan McAnany - absence.jpg

Susan McAnany
My passion is photography; my work ignites imagination and enables the viewer to see everyday life from a different perspective.  Beyond the tools of technology and light I use color, composition and the emotional connection these have to the subject.  My portfolio includes traditional black and white, color, contemporary abstract, gritty urban, dramatic landscapes and architecture.  All my work is professionally printed on archival paper often using the giclee process available in Open and Limited editions shipped directly from my Sarasota Florida studio.

cycle 6 gg.jpg

Don McKillop
Don’s paintings capture the essence of the land, sea and sky in bold shapes and expressive colors. He has been painting most of his life and as a full-time artist for over 25 years.
As a New England native, a year round resident of Sarasota FL, and a long time coastal sailor, his subjects typically reflect that which he knows well. He previously gained national recognition for his striking architectural and yacht portraits. More recently he has worked in the Southwest capturing the rich colors and vast landscape around Santa Fe NM.
"One thing that is constant in my work is a desire to grow, evolve, and make a new impact every time I create new work. While my style has changed over time and my painting vocabulary moves into a different realm, the message tells the same story - how I observe the world around me. As I reach deeper within, I find new statements to be made, however subtle and disguised they may be," says McKillop. "As I learn new things from life, so does my work."

Joseph Melancon.jpg

Joseph Melancon
I start getting really excited with the marks and shapes on the canvas.  The whole thing is a process of combining ideas and shapes, lines, textures and colors with a studied consistency.  I am open  to anything that may develop from my intuitive self.  The picture has to stand on its own satisfying all my learned elements of design.  It’s a building process with each step a response to the previous with additions and subtractions to make the final result right. This process can be quick or labored.  Each is unique.

Joseph’s artwork is for sale on artiste, our online gallery. Click to view.

Excavation Janet Mishner.jpg

Janet Mishner
A former art teacher with Baltimore City Schools, I studied painting with artist Gladys Goldstein for ten years. I received an other integral part of my education as a docent for Baltimore Museum of Art. 
After moving to Florida I’m 2002, I became active in women Contemporary Artists, was invited to become a member of Petticoat Painters, I joined Florida Artists Group, where I have continued to participate in annual juried exhibitions. I am currently an artist member of Art Uptown Gallery. I maintain a studio in Northgate Business Park. 
My work is in both private and public collections including the US Embassy in Manila, Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, Endoscopy Center of Baltimore and several other institutions. This month I was accepted to be included in INTRO 2, an exhibition of ten selected artists’ works at Gaze Modern Gallery in Sarasota.


Cecile Moran
Having been a teaching artist for 35 years, including 2 years in Spain, Cecile Moran's painting is allegorical in nature and relies strongly on the interaction of brightly colored images to project the story. These images are based on personal experiences, and in some instances, those particular to women. She received a BFA from Boston University and an MA in Art Education from Cal. State University.


Jamie Moriarty
Jamie is a painter and interactive sculptor who challenges the ways that technology influences society. Moriarty’s works draw upon the tension between idealistic texts such as Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto and apocalyptic prophecies as in Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us by Bill Joy. Through silicone, hair, paint, microprocessors, and various circuitry, she further integrates the two disciplines of art and technology in order to ask how we can negotiate the idealistic goals of the digital landscape and the often unintended ramifications of how it truly functions in society. Moriarty received an Associates of Art with a focus in Fine Art from the State College of Florida and is currently enrolled at New College of Florida pursuing a Bachelors of Art with a minor in Computer Science. She has exhibited across Florida and is the 2017 recipient of the Women Contemporary Artist Scholarship and 2017 New York Academy of Art’s Undergraduate Residency. 


Lolly Owens
As people seems to prefer text messages to actually talking to each other and images on screens rather than objects in the real world or nature, I go deep into mediation to uncover a direction for my abstract art. I seek a slower more deliberate connection with life and its inhabitants. My art is connected to spiritual practice. I believe we are all spiritual beings and thus have come to life with elements (qualities) that guide us if we seek them. I paint the qualities of love, peace, joy, courage, strength, humility and gratitude.

Pierce, Meg.jpg

Meg Pierce
A painter with a MFA from Pratt Institute has a studio/gallery at 1938 Adams Lane in the Arts district of Towles Court, Sarasota. Her work is complex and sensitive. The intricate constructions use fiber, pins, maps, vintage photos and lace and layers of acrylic glazes and paints.

Frances Powers _ white beauties 2.jpg

Frances Powers
I am an artist living and working in Sarasota, FL. I have a BFA and an MFA in painting and filmmaking and my work has been shown in galleries and museums throughout the US. I was one of the original founding members of HERA Co-operative Art gallery in Rhode Island and have taught drawing, painting and photography.
My work has always encompassed organic forms derived from nature. In this current series I utilize the diversity and year round abundance of flora and fauna in Florida. In some of the work I include architectural elements that contrast with the organic shapes. The work is mixed media. I begin with a photograph that I have taken, then re-work it on the computer using Corel Painter and Paint Shop Pro. I then print it out and using either oil pastels or colored pencils, complete the work.

Quigley-D-A-M-N-A-T-ION_2018 cropped.jpg

Rebecca Levine Quigley

I was educated as a weaver. Color and texture spoke to me, the display of colors and textures that I saw in the landscape around me was so exciting. I expressed my joy in the hand dying and in the woven and knotted sculptural tapestries that I produced. Later I trained as an Architect, and again, tried to understand my environment through the forms that nature expressed around me.
Now I have begun producing a new body of work, one informed by the same influences as before, but now I am able to express my visions much more freely. My vision is new and old at the same time, driven by delight in the color and texture that has always been evocative to me, but in a way that is more playful and less constrained by boundaries than ever.  
Giving my work titles that are to some degree enigmatic is a delight. It translates into a description of the alienlandscape, and of its daily life and of the stories it can tell, colored by the viewer’s own vision and experience.

richard reep.jpg

Richard Reep

A sculptor with a body of work in concrete, using recycled construction waste to create architectural forms that comment on our built environment. His work has won numerous awards and was featured at the Aqua Contemporary exhibit during Art Basel 2017. He has exhibited throughouth the country and collectors worldwide. Reep teaches art workshops at the Maitland Art Center and is adjunct Professor of Environmental Studies at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. He maintains a second home in Sarasota nicknamed "The Rita", which he designed with his wife as a tinyhome in historic Vamo. You can follow Richard Reep Art and Design on Facebook or click to see more of his work.


Susan Reinemeyer
Art is an obsession for me. Even when I've had full time jobs that were not art-related, there has been an inner need to create that would not be ignored. I can barely contain it. I am an optimist, and my style reflects that attitude. I am drawn to hopeful, uplifting subjects, sometimes with a touch of whimsy. If my work makes you smile, then I've achieved my goal.


Susan Richardson
I started painting again in 2008. I grew up painting watercolor, but jumped into oil with both feet in 2008. It is my obsession and passion. I started submitting to competitions in 2009 and have won many ribbons, including 2nd Place this year in Florida Flavor. I paint whatever moves me. Portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, waterscapes; sometimes in the studio, sometimes plein air.


Gail Rubinfeld
I create paintings to capture a moment in time, a psychological portrait , that strips the person or place down to its essence. There is a spiritual connection in capturing a form with immediacy and line. I transform and manipulate this moment on canvas by painting, collaging, and printing to form new images. I often work in multiples, a reflection of being born a twin, channeling my sister's artistry.

Bill Sander
I assemble.  Paper-Wood-Metal.  I cut and they arrange. My art is abstract.  My design is not to depict but to evoke. Wonder will do.  A way of seeing.  Or thinking.  There is that which wants: Something new.  Something different.  Something More. For me art is an adventure and an exploration.  A discovery. I am drawn to themes of escape and arrival--a personal and collective expansion of experience. ‘Art touches the brain’s most civilized center... and pokes its most primitive core.’

Bill’s artwork is for sale on artiste, our online gallery. Click to view.

Beverly A. Smith
Beverly is a Bostonian that spent her summers on Cape Cod. As a new resident of Sarasota she brings a vibrant palette of original abstract oils, figures and landscapes to the canvas. She exhibits her work at the Stakenborg Gallery, 1545 Main St. Sarasota.

Brian Sommers
I am passionately committed to abstraction. I love experimenting and am always looking for new techniques. I spend a lot of time observing, looking for the major areas of the painting to develop, always keeping the movement of the viewers eye and composition paramount.


Jovan Stankic
Jovan's artwork belongs to the tradition of classical art; he paints using the techniques of old masters, sometimes combining them with modern ones. He believes that a painting should be "a feast for the eyes", and that it should contain within it beauty regardless of motif.  The themes of his paintings are the people, surroundings and cities where he's lived: Belgrade, Cleveland, Washington, New York and Sarasota. He honed his skills as an artist by attending the School of Drawing in Belgrade and sketching posing models, as well as by studying the works of famous artists in museums and galleries across Europe and America. Jovan Stankic’s artwork has been shown in various exhibitions, including: Museum of Art in Cleveland, Museum of Belgrade, International Monetary Fund in Washington, DC, as well as many galleries.

Jim Stewart
My art education came with the processes of printmaking and painting which suited me well as a graphic artist. Given a 24 inch square canvas, or a pen and piece of paper, or a piece of wood, I can be very happy. I enjoy the creation of an idea and the search for an execution of it.

Fathers Day.jpg

Joanne Stramara
Joanne Moved to Florida 13 years ago and loves the beaches, skies, Gulf of Mexico and wildlife that is prevalent in this area. She is happiest studying, sketching and painting. She is a signature member of Suncoast Watercolor Society and a co owner, along with 20 other artists, of Sea Grape Gallery in Punta Gorda.


Alice Sundstrom
Imagine the mysterious Salvador Dali and the fanciful Dr. Seuss working together to create a visual journey through your mind. Now you know where I'm coming from. This is how I think. These images are what I see when I close my eyes. It's a fun, enjoyable and creative environment that encourages exploration. So leave behind what you know to be true, and begin a journey through the world of my imagination.

My world is based on what I see around me, but it’s transformed and it strains the boundaries of reality. My artwork is a workout for your imagination. A well toned imagination leads to creative thinking which is essential to problem solving. By exercising your imagination, creative thinking, and problem solving, the world becomes a much more enjoyable place.

I always incorporate at least one element that will be familiar to you, one which will draw you into this invented reality. This is your starting or jumping off point. This introduction sets the stage for more exploration. Once drawn into this world, you are free to unbuckle your seatbelt, get up and move around, using your imagination to create an experience that is uniquely yours.

Welcome to the intersection of Dali and Dr. Seuss, I hope you enjoy your journey.

Adam Tetzlaff_1.jpg

Adam Tetzlaff
Throughout human history painting has been a vastly important means of bringing quality to the perception of life. I find this to be the prime motivating factor in creating all of my paintings and drawings. My hope is to continue this tradition by adding quality to people's lives today.


John-Norman Tuck
Color is happy. I want people to feel happiness through my art. My passion with art is immeasurable. I'm complete with life as I paint. I want others to feel my love of life through my paintings. Enjoy my art and be happy!

Susan von Gries 
There is a musical nature to my paintings.  For me, brushing paint onto a canvas is akin to an orchestra conductor shaping beautiful music with exuberance when conducting. 

My father was a musician and I recall music always playing in our home.  Music is the vehicle that transports me to a place in my subconscious where I paint intuitively and spontaneously, interpreting my feelings through color and gesture. I approach painting by laying down gestured lyrical lines to shape the composition, often overlapping colors and work with glazes and collage, adding layers and texture. Line, bold colors, and texture are primary elements of my work because of their ability to express joy, rhythm, agitation and tension.

Marlene Wurzbach.jpg

Marlane Wurzbach
Painting bold, realistic landscapes, seascapes and still lifes is my passion.

I enjoy taking my time and getting lost in both the process and the painting's theme. My colorful acrylic paintings are all meant to cheer the viewer, offering a "visual vacation" with a colorful palette, sharp focus and attention to detail.


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