Artist Statement:
My current work is mixed media on panel. I work on two series and alternate between the two: "That Girl" is a series of females shapes in a tension composition that say "Life has challenges but as long as you ask your mind AND your heart to work together, all will be well." We often forget to quiet our mind and check in with the heart or the reverse. The second series are abstractions based on the elements of our spirit. These paintings have titles such as Gratitude, Humility, Love, Peace, Courage, Joy and Strength. This art is designed to be a reminder of who you are – a spiritual being having a human experience.

Lolly Owens was born in Pittsburgh, PA and holds a BA from Chatham  University in Pittsburgh. She is the Area 3 Chair of the Florida Artist Group  (FLAG), and a member of the Sarasota Chapter of the National League of  American Pen Women, Women Contemporary Artists, and a signature member  of the International Society of Experimental Artists. She is the former president  of the Palouse Watercolor Socius and a founding artist of the Pullman Gallery &  Studios in Pullman, WA. From 2001-2008, she was a member/officer of The Artist Guild of Anna Maria Island, FL. www.lollyowens.com