Keiko Romerstein: is a Japanese-born Sumi-e artist, the bold but painstaking art of ink and wash painting. Sumi-e brings Keiko peace of mind. Her paintings evoke happiness in the viewer, and often a wish to own them. When Keiko teaches, it gives her a second chance to learn. She takes great pleasure in her student's pleasure at learning. Keiko respects the Zen philosophy of Sumi-e. As a Japanese artist, she feels this art form should be carried on from generation to generation. She feels an obligation to the great masters to continue to study and to teach others. This is the passion for the rest of Keiko's life journey.  She is a nationally and internationally exhibited artist and just recently received the "Sarasota Chapter Award" at the Sumi-e Soceity of America National Juried Exhibition in Portsmouth Art & Culture Center, VA.