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THOMAS SCHALLER: Architecture of Light

JANUARY- The Architecture of Light, Thomas Schaller
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Session: January 6-8, 2020
Monday - Wednesday 10:00am-4:00pm

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The focus of my workshops is far less concerned with technical expertise and far more about inspiration and observation. Specifically, the focus is on finding and expressing ourselves with our unique personal artistic voice.

A final painting is begun by the artist long before his or her brush ever touches the paper. The most important question we can try to answer as painters is: how can you find a personal way of expression – your own unique voice?  As an artist, it is “light” that is the constant narrative in my work.  So when I am deciding on what it is I wish to paint, I concentrate less on specific objects – places or things – and more on the strength of a strong abstract value composition of darks and lights.

In my workshops, painting indoors or out, I demonstrate the fundamentals - and crucial importance - of identifying strong compositional subjects for the artist. No amount of technical expertise or finesse evident in a final painting can compensate for a composition lacking in the strength and clarity of a strong initial intent – a main idea -  and a solid value organization. We will try to learn how to see the beautiful and infinite compositions all around us – and within us -  in the most grand and most humble of scenes.

Additionally, a theme of my workshops is duality – the dialogue between opposing forces that find resolution – or not – upon the paper’s surface.  The vertical vs. the horizontal / the light vs. the dark / lost vs found edges / clarity vs. obscurity / warm tomes vs. cool tones / man-made elements vs the natural world., etc. We will explore some of the endlessly compelling compositional possibilities of this topic.

Intermediate to advanced skill levels.

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Artist, Author, Architect, Current president emeritus of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators

Thomas W. Schaller is an award-winning artist, architect, and author based in Los Angeles. As a renowned architectural artist, he received a Graham Foundation Grant and was a two-time recipient of the Hugh Ferris Memorial Prize. He has authored three books; the best-selling, and AIA award winner, Architecture in Watercolor (VNR – McGraw Hill) The Art of Architectural Drawing (J.Wiley and Sons)and  Thomas W. Schaller, Architect of Light : Watercolor Paintings by a Master - a retrospective of his recent artwork released by North Light Books / F+W Media in 2018. He is in demand worldwide as a speaker, exhibitor, author, instructor, and juror: recently; International Prize "Marche d'Acqua" Fabriano , Architecture in Perspective 33, The 2nd International Watercolor Biennial, Greece, Northwest Watercolor Society, Northeast Watercolor Society, International Watercolor Society, Istanbul, The International Competition of Architectural Graphics, Moscow, Plein-Air Artist, The Florida Watercolor Society.   Artist Network Television has produced two best-selling series of instructional Videos and DVDs of his technique.

A Signature Member of many arts organizations including the American Watercolor Society , National Watercolor Society, Transparent Watercolor Society of America. Tom was recently appointed to the Advisory Board of  American Watercolor Weekly and elected Artist Member of the California Art Club and the Salmagundi Art Club, NYC. He is president emeritus of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators and a founding member of the group; North American Watercolor Artists.