My use of color and texture has become an integral part of my signature style.
My work is bursting with tropical color, and I feel that, by becoming immersed in the stunning, tropical surroundings of Sarasota, my mixed media and collage pieces are informed by the color and richness of the local flavor. I build my works of art from conception to execution by experimenting with color and auditioning the layout of my unique hand painted and printed papers before merging all the elements into a cohesive composition. It is with planning and purpose that I infuse my work with a hint of playfulness and whimsy in order to achieve a happy and joyful spirit in my art.

As a small child growing up in South Florida I was gifted with a creative eye and was always drawn to color, pattern and texture.
My formal education included a B.S. Degree in Medical Technology from the University of Miami, but I consider myself a lifelong creative. My husband and I spent almost 40 years in Northern Virginia just outside of Washington D.C raising our family. 

I was determined to incorporate art and creativity into my daily life, whether it was while was working at my career or during the years I stayed home to raise my children. When my girls were small I established Animated Artworks, a home-based calligraphy and illustration business that became my creative outlet for many years. When my daughters were older and in school I reentered the workforce and was employed as a graphic artist and publications specialist for a consulting company in Bethesda, MD. I pride myself in being a self-taught mixed media and collage artist and a life-long learner in all aspects of life.

After returning to Florida, My husband and I were drawn to the art-rich community of Sarasota as a retirement location. I found a creative home through classes, creating art in my home studio, participating in juried exhibits and creative opportunities through volunteer activities. My return to Florida has proven to be the perfect environment for me to immerse myself in the creative process, hone my craft and finally follow my passion in earnest. I am a member of Art Center Sarasota, Women Contemporary Artists, Florida Artists Group, Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County and the National Collage Society.