Red Song Bird

There is a musical nature to my paintings. For me, brushing paint onto a canvas is akin to an orchestra conductor shaping beautiful music with exuberance when conducting. My father was a musician and I recall music always playing our home. I love music. It is the vehicle that transports me to a place in my subconscious where I paint intuitively and spontaneously, interpreting my emotions through color and gesture.

This body of work is defined as Lyrical Abstraction, because of the strong use of line in my compositions. I approach painting by laying down gestured lyrical lines to shape the composition. Bold colors help to reinforce the feeling of joy, rhythm, agitation or tension. I also use overlapping layers, collage and glazing to add texture to the composition. I hope that the intimate association I feel to music is transmitted to the viewer in my paintings.

Susan von Gries is an international artist. She has lived in El Salvador, Brazil, Venezuela, Belgium. and The Netherlands and traveled in Asia, Eastern Europe and the Near East. During her more than 20 years of expatriate residence, the last 15 in Belgium and The Netherlands, she experienced, assimilated and pursued her passion for art. Susan has exhibited in Brussels and The Hague. Her work, including sculpture, is in private collections in Europe and North America. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin.