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MARCH- Mixed Media, Paper Marbling and Collage, Liz Walker
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Session: March 16-18, 2020
Monday - Wednesday 10:00am-4:00pm

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Explore mixed media painting with Suminagashi, a fascinating Japanese paper marbling technique using water-based boku inks floated on plain tap water in a shallow tray. The name suminagashi literally means spilled ink. Students will create intricate, patterned rice papers using this ancient method and then learn how to use these papers to build gorgeous layered collages and finished paintings using acrylic paints. Liz will provide students with examples, suggestions, and plenty of feedback in this one-of-a-kind workshop. No prior marbling experience needed, but participants should have basic acrylic & mixed media painting skills.

Day 1: Students will learn how to create beautiful marbled papers using sumi inks dropped from small paintbrushes into a tray of water and printed on rice paper. Patterns and special colorful effects are achieved using a bamboo stylus and eyedroppers. This process is meditative, mesmerizing, and creates subtle, found-in-nature patterns and rings that are one-of-a-kind. They will create dozens of marbled rice papers, and marble on other heavier papers, sheet music, and other ephemera.

Day 2:  Liz’s slideshow will illustrate how some of her paintings started, progressed, and were brought to a satisfying conclusion. She will demo her step by step process of turning simple marbled papers and acrylic paints into abstract or loosely representational paintings, and the class will set to work on their own pieces. They’ll glue their handmade to substrates, and use acrylic paints and collage to complement and enhance the suminagashi marbling.

Day 3: Discover several non-standard marbling techniques and ways of handling the paper in the tray to create some surprise pieces. We’ll learn how to mask off parts of the paper to save it from marbling and how to pre-paint areas of the paper before we marble. Students may choose to continue to marble or they may further develop their paintings in progress.

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Painter, Teacher, Juror

Liz  Walker was born in Pennsylvania and raised in San Antonio, Texas--a large metropolitan city infused with the culture, language, and architecture of Mexico. This experience has had a profound and positive affect on her life and most certainly influences how she chooses the colors and subject matter in her paintings.

In 1980, Liz received a B.A. in Art from Trinity University, but, like many artists, found financial security in an unrelated field: writing software user manuals for a computer company. After that, art and creativity took a backseat to building a 10 year career in technical writing. Growing restless and dissatisfied with the demands of the high tech world (especially after her daughter was born in 1993) Liz took a night class in watercolor and rediscovered her artistic passion--and churned out 100 paintings in the first year!

In 1997 after considerable soul-searching, Liz quit her stressful job and devoted herself completely and wholeheartedly to the thing she was put on this earth to do--PAINT. She has been known to paint up to 380 paintings in one year, while juggling teaching and jurying opportunities as well. It's the best "job" in the world!

Watercolor was Liz's first medium of choice, but since 2005 she has begun painting primarily in acrylics and acrylic marbling.  Her paintings have been exhibited both locally and nationally and have won numerous awards. Her paintings are in private collections in Texas, Massachusetts, California, Colorado and Oregon.